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Amnon Damti – Dancer and Choreographer
The son of Yemenites who immigrated to Israel by foot. "Despite being born deaf, and having a particularly difficult childhood, he has grown beyond his physical and environmental limitations in every sense, to become not only an extraordinary dancer, but a talented artist, with a pure soul, a natural joy and optimism which glow on those surrounding him."
  • One of the establishers of the “Kol Udmama” (Sound and Silence) troupe – Lead dancer of the troupe for 15 years.
  • Received the prestigious Kinor David (David’s Violin) Award
  • Established the “Chushihi” (Sixth Sense) troupe, and composed the “Two Worlds” performance with Jill Feingold
  • Received the “Gold Cylinder” award with Jill
  • Performed for the president of the US in the White House
  • Was awarded, with Jill, the “Persons of the Year” award, in the area of dance
  • Was titled “Best International Deaf Dancer”, Washington D.C